How to Delete User Data inPicsArt App Android.


How to Delete User Data inPicsArt App Android.Due to its intuitive features and artistic capabilities, PicsArt, an Android picture and video editing app, has rapidly grown in popularity. Although PicsArt offers a variety of editing options for photos and videos, users occasionally may want to delete all of their personal data from the programme. Here, we’ll show you how to use PicsArt for Android APK to accomplish that.How to Delete User Data in the Android PicsArt App

The Picsart Android App User Data Can Be Removed Quickly.

how to delete user data inpicsart app android

Step1: launch the app.

Step2: Click Account settings.

Step3: Edit your profile.

Step4: Remove your profile.

Step5: Examine the prompts.

Step6: Give consent.

Step7: Verify deletion.

How to delete user data inpicsart app android Why is it necessary to remove your PicsArt account?

Regardless of whether it’s a technical problem or a privacy concern, you need to remove your data or account. Your photos, videos, digital modifications, and comments will be permanently deleted as a result of this process. Please follow the instructions below so that I can provide you all the details in detail.


Your Android device’s PicsArt app can be launched by pressing this icon on the home screen or app drawer.


You can access the app’s profile page by tapping on the user name or profile icon in the lower right corner of the app’s home screen.


The “security” or “privacy policy” options are located in the settings or account options. Your profile and data options can be managed from here or by pressing on this.

how to delete user data inpicsart app android


Using this privacy setting, you should be able to manage your data or account settings; it might be labelled as “delete account,” “delete profile,” or other similar terms.

STEP 5: Obey all warnings and instructions

 A data-clearing or account-resetting choice is presented to you. Your selection might be verified by the app, or it might provide you more details about the specific data that will be deleted from your account.

Step 6: Examine the authorization

The Picsart app may require particular permissions, including access to your device’s storage, in order to remove. Verify any requests for authorization and grant them as necessary.

Step 7: Verify data deletion

You could be prompted to confirm your individual data deletion by the Picsart app. Usually, this is a safety measure to guard against unintentional data loss. So, adhere to the directions provided on-screen, select your option, and access the final deletion procedure.

how to delete user data inpicsart app android

How to delete user data inpicsart app android

STEP 8: The procedure of deleting data

Upon verification of data erasure. The data you have chosen to be deleted by Picsart will start to disappear. Obviously, the amount of data you have stored will determine how long it will take to remove.

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It’s simple to delete a user account via the PISCART Android app. Your online identity or privacy are still under your control in this circumstance. Make sure the data being destroyed from the app cannot be restored before moving forward with these steps. Create a small backup of any sensitive information or valuable content.


1. Can I get my deleted data back?

No, your user data cannot be recovered after being deleted. Before continuing, make sure you backup any content you want to save.

2. Will my account be deleted if I erase my data?

Yes, removing your data also deletes your account on PicsArt. If you want to keep using PicsArt, you must register a new account.

3. Do you have any alternatives to data deletion?

Without erasing your data, you can log out of your account. You can create a new account in this manner and maintain all of your previous material.

4. What transpires to my subscriptions following deletion?

Any ongoing subscriptions will end once your account is deleted. To gain access to premium services, you must re-subscribe using your new account.

5. Does the reactivation of an account have a time limit?

The amount of time required to reactivate deactivated accounts is not specified by PicsArt. If you desire to come back, you will have to open a brand-new account.

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