When Can I Eat Chips After Wisdom Teeth Removal? (How Much and When to Eat)


When can I eat chips after wisdom teeth removal?Many people question whether they may resume their regular eating routine after having their wisdom teeth removed, including eating their favourite foods like chips. This article will give you helpful insights on whether it’s okay to indulge in chips after surgery, while it’s still important to prioritise your recovery and follow your dentist’s or oral surgeon’s advice.

What is the procedure for removing wisdom teeth?

when can i eat chips after wisdom teeth removal

Let’s just quickly go through wisdom teeth removal even though most people are already familiar with it. Surgically removing wisdom teeth is a frequent operation that involves the removal of wisdom teeth.

An oral surgeon is recommended when you require such operation, and this kind of tooth extraction is different from the norm. It includes local anaesthesia, but if you need to calm down and are extremely nervous about the procedure, the surgeon may also administer sedative.

When can i eat chips after wisdom teeth removal?

What Makes Wisdom Teeth Removal Necessary?

when can i eat chips after wisdom teeth removal

If you’re wondering why wisdom teeth need to be removed, the answer is right here! A few of years ago, I underwent a painful and excruciating wisdom teeth extraction.Thus, wisdom teeth are the last to erupt, usually in the late teens or at age 20, rear teeth or molars.

Your teeth can change by the time they erupt, which could leave you in a similar scenario to mine. The wisdom tooth expanded and began to impact the teeth around it since there was no room in my jaw for it.

If your tooth is partially impacted, your cheek and the gum around it will typically swell. Pericoronitis, or gum tissue inflammation around the wisdom tooth, is what this is!

Wisdom teeth can cause pain and suffering as well as alter the alignment of your teeth, possibly necessitating braces in the future. It’s painful when wisdom teeth are crowded because they often slant sideways and scrape against the cheek.

In addition to these changes, wisdom tooth eruption can result in cysts and recurrent soft tissue infections. In either case, eating and even talking would be difficult, therefore getting rid of them is crucial!

Obtain Dental Advice.

Consult your dentist or oral surgeon to find out how soon after wisdom teeth removal you can safely eat chips. They will evaluate your unique progress and make tailored recommendations. Based on the progress of your recovery, they might recommend a particular timeline.

After getting my wisdom teeth out, what can I eat?

when can i eat chips after wisdom teeth removal

I’ve already done that. You’ll probably be affected by local anaesthesia after the procedure, so there won’t be any pain. However, the aftermath is quite painful once the anaesthetic starts to wear off.

Since this surgical operation is very intrusive and, like previous extractions, will leave a hole that is uncomfortable and inflamed, you probably won’t feel like eating after it. A typical side effect of wisdom teeth removal is cheek swelling.

It is advised that you consume soft foods for the first couple of days, such as milkshakes, smoothies, soups, mashed potatoes, yoghurt, fruits, apple sauce, instant oatmeal, ice cream, soft noodles, cottage cheese, pudding and many more.

The most crucial factor to consider when selecting food to eat following wisdom tooth extraction is that it requires little biting and grinding and is not overly hot.

How Soon After Wisdom Tooth Removal Can I Eat Crunchy Food?

when can i eat chips after wisdom teeth removal

Everyone enjoys eating crunchy foods, but after having a tooth pulled, that might be difficult. Because removing wisdom teeth is a surgical procedure, as previously mentioned, the oral surgeon will stitch the extraction site thereafter.

Sutures are the name for these stitches, which help with quick healing and infection prevention. The location is essentially an open wound, which is a haven for several bacteria, some of which are also found in our mouths.

For at least a week following tooth extraction, most dentists advise staying away from nuts, popcorn, chips, and seeds. These foods are easily capable of infecting the soft tissue and irritating it.

Why Can’t I Eat Chips After Getting My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Diet plays a significant part in post-operative recovery and can either promote quick healing or lead to additional issues like infections and foul breath.The area is quite sensitive in the days and weeks after surgery, so even though you would believe a few chips won’t hurt, they might pain like tiny blades in your mouth and damage the inflamed areas.Additionally, keep in mind that it will take a few days for you to become used to your stitches. The primary factor making crunchy and crispy foods a big “NO” is that they might aggravate the wound and hinder healing.

A dry socket is yet another issue many people experience after having their wisdom teeth removed!

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How to Stay Away from a Dry Socket?

Let’s explore what we can do to avoid getting a dry socket following tooth extraction as we are all afraid of acquiring one! First, the blood clot at a normal extraction site or wound should resemble a dark-colored scab.On the other hand, a dry socket is simple to spot because there isn’t a blood clot and the bone is visible! Yikes! In addition to the discomfort and agony already associated with dry sockets, you may additionally endure headaches and neck pain.It’s interesting to note that dry sockets typically affect the lower jaw as opposed to the upper.  What can you therefore do about it?

First and foremost, it’s crucial to adhere to the recommendations made by your oral surgeon and dentist, who will likely prescribe you painkillers and antibiotics.

In spite of the recommendation to abstain from smoking for 72 hours, which presents a challenge for smokers, attempt to quit for at least 24 hours if you smoke.

1. For a minimum of a week, avoid solid foods, crunchy foods, and alcohol.

2. To the swollen area and cheek, apply an ice pack.

3. Use gauze to carefully clean the surgery site.

4. Make sure to rinse your mouth out with the dental rinse.

5. Hydrate yourself well.

6. Reduce food entanglement and related difficulties by gently brushing the sutures. The first two days shouldn’t be spent brushing.

What Is the Duration of the Healing Process?

when can i eat chips after wisdom teeth removal

Following wisdom tooth removal, the healing phase typically lasts two weeks. However, depending on a number of factors, it could take some people less than two weeks or more than two weeks.

First, the speed of recovery may be impacted by the extraction method or methodology used. Similar to fried junk food, smoking and consuming alcohol will delay healing. Basically, you will heal more quickly if you take proper care of the surgical site.

If you adhere to the directions and take your antibiotics on a regular basis, you can often resume your normal diet after 12 to 14 days.

Can I Still Get a Dry Socket Two Weeks Later?

Yes, and it mostly depends on your eating habits and dental health! As soon as the alveolar bone and periodontal ligament are reattached to the tooth, you can stop worrying about getting a dry socket. A dry socket can be avoided with the help of several meals.

These consist of fish with a high fat content, eggs, dairy goods, vegetables, and fruits. Hydration is crucial during this time, so don’t forget the water!

Can Chip Eating Lead to Dry Socket?

when can i eat chips after wisdom teeth removal

Although eating chips may probably irritate the surgery site and the surrounding area and impede the healing process, it won’t cause a dry socket. The majority of the time, the patient unintentionally produces a dry socket by smoking or consuming alcohol. Dry sockets are typically caused by a combination of events.

Eating sticky meals and caramel-flavored chocolate is also not beneficial for you! The typical recovery time for a dry socket is 7 to 10 days.

The majority of the time, a dry socket will go away on its own, but cleaning it and avoiding foods that can irritate it are still crucial.


While enjoying your favourite chips after having your wisdom teeth removed is something to look forward to, it’s important to give your recovery top priority and adhere to your dentist’s instructions. Everybody has a different timeline for when to start eating chips again, but a progressive approach and close communication with your dentist will guarantee a painless and quick recovery. Keep in mind that the secret to a good recovery is patience and mindful eating.


1. Can I eat chips right away after having my wisdom teeth removed? 

No, it is not advised to consume chips right away after having your wisdom teeth removed. To prevent any difficulties or discomfort, you should hold off until your mouth has fully healed.

2. How long should I wait after having my wisdom teeth removed before I can eat chips?

It is typically advised to hold off on eating chips for at least a few days. Most dentists advise waiting until the first stage of recovery, which typically lasts between 3 and 7 days.

3. What kinds of chips are risk-free to consume following wisdom tooth removal?

After having your wisdom teeth removed, it’s normally safer to eat soft, non-crunchy chips like potato or pita. Avoid crunchy or firm chips like tortilla chips because they might be more irritating and possibly irritate the mouth.

4. Are there any particular recommendations for eating chips after having your wisdom teeth removed?

If you decide to attempt eating chips, break them up into small pieces and chew them very slowly and carefully, being cautious to avoid getting any on your surgery sites. It’s crucial to avoid applying too much pressure on your gums as they heal.

5. What symptoms suggest that it is okay to consume chips after having your wisdom teeth removed?

When you can open your lips without discomfort and your surgery sites have begun to heal, you should think about eating chips. It is preferable to wait a little longer before attempting to eat chips and, if required, to see a dentist if you have any pain, bleeding, or discomfort while doing so.

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